Premium Home Improvements

Premium Home Improvements



      Attention Homeowners

Home Remodelers program have made it possible for millions of families to make major improvements to their homes with allocated funds and various types of funding programs , It is the purpose of these programs to encourage energy conservation and neighborhood preservation



Insulated replacement window $95.00 per month *
Insulated Siding $129.00 per month *
Roofing $109.00 per month*
Porch Remodeling $115.00 per month *
Kitchen or Bath $200.00 per month *
      * Prices may vary and program conditions apply  

  Our Unbeatable Choice Payment Options include:

Same-As-Cash - No Payment, No Interest

 Reduced Interest Loans  – Low fixed rates (2.99%, 4.99%, and 6.99%)

 Zero Interest Loans – Equal monthly payments, No Interest (12 to 84 months)

 Traditional Unsecured Installment Loans

Equity Lines


Low Equity Financing

Reverse Mortgages


We receive Visa, Mastercard , American Express , Discover at no extra charge to you


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